Wired Café

By Sam Webster

Every time I visit Nottingham, it always manages to surprise me. First I found out that some of my favourite bands had played at Rock City and that it had some pretty impressive record stores. This time, I found out that it had one of the best ranges of independent coffee shops that I’d seen outside of London. However, despite the huge amount of options, I settled on Wired café and bar.

It’s been said in my reviews time and time again, but there really is nothing like an independent café when it comes to an engaging coffee experience.

The design of this café in particular, was unlike any that I had seen before. Its almost industrial, hip/hop style was a great accompaniment to the hand made coffee and indie music playing over the café’s stereo system.

Wired Cafe Front

But whilst the look of a café is definitely important, what’s all that without a good tasting drink to sit and enjoy in this great place? Well, fortunately Wired café doesn’t fail to impress with its unusually creamy and sweet coffee.

Each coffee is made with hand picked and roasted beans, which you can buy from inside the store in bags in a variety of sizes.

As well as the taste, the look of the coffee was impressive, especially when you consider that I have a soy flat white, which anyone whose worked as a barista knows is no easy feat to pull off.

If you’re someone who likes a few spoonfuls of sugar in your drink, you may want to consider putting one less in these refreshingly sweet beverages.

Wired Coffees

Like many trendy cafés, when the sun goes down Wired throws off its barista apron and dons the garb of a cocktail bar. This makes it a fantastic venue both night and day, for students, visitors and locals to Nottingham alike.

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax, but at the same time still feel like you’re taking in some of Nottingham’s culture then Wired is the perfect place for you.

It’s the quintessential ‘quirky independent café’. Art on the walls, makeshift wooden furniture and not patch of skin insight that doesn’t have at least one tattoo. If you’re walking around Nottingham’s city centre, considering stepping into Wired and enjoying some of the great coffee or  food that they have to offer.

Wired Cafe Interior