The George

By Eddie Keller

The George is yet another fantastic cafe situated in the historic market town of Petersfield.

The front of The George

The George paints a somewhat unassuming figure, resembling that of a typical sleepy country pub rather than a café. This wouldn’t be too far off the mark however, as the café was in fact recently converted from being drinking establishment to a quaint and atmospheric café.

Although upon entering you can see that certain attributes still remain from its former guise. The bar is still in tact and there is an ever so feint waft of ale in the air. It has taken its transformation well as the atmosphere instantly says quick coffee and a sandwich to you, rather than pub grub. I struggled to find a seat, despite it being late afternoon on a Monday which intrigued me to find out quite why this café was so popular.

You’d never guess it used to be a pub!

I could see why almost instantly as I was ushered to my seat. The staff were very polite and welcoming offering us menus that showed off a large selection of drinks, sandwiches and other snacks to satisfy that cheeky late afternoon hunger.

My Mocha

The coffee I went for was a mocha, which came swiftly after ordering and was finished off neatly and aesthetically with some unique coffee art. The taste matched up to its looks. It tasted smooth and creamy with that intense coffee kick to finish it off. I usually have sugar with my coffee but due to the sheer quality of the blend, I didn’t feel this was needed.

A café with the perks of a big pub garden!

Upon my visit to The George, it was an overall positive experience with the atmosphere buzzing, the staff welcoming and the unique transformation from boozer to quaint country café executed to perfection. The only negative that could be said is that upon ordering food the service was rather slow, however I would put this down to the busyness of the cafe at the time rather than the quality of the service.

I would definitely look favourably upon visiting it again.