Stoke’s High Bridge Café


By Sam Webster

It wouldn’t be possible to walk down Lincoln High-Street and not notice the 16th Century, timber framed building that is Stoke’s High Bridge Café. The café oozes personality and history, stepping into the building is like stepping back in time.

All of the furniture, tableware and wall hangings are contemporary and authentic. All of the staff are dressed in period waiting attire which really emphasises and immerses you in the old-timey feel of the setting. Whilst the setting is certainly unique and interesting, their coffee is by no means eclipsed by these aesthetic highlights.


Whilst the design and feel of the building is traditional and period, their menu’s offerings are not limited by the same considerations. You’ll find everything here, from traditional teas, ranging from classic Golden Meadow English tea to Chamomile and Chai.

You’ll also be impressed by their coffee offerings with both traditional lattes and cappuccinos on offer, as well as more exotic coffee blends from countries such as Jamaica, Chile and Ecuador. All drinks are hand crafted and brought straight to your table, a surprisingly refreshing aspect of the drinking experience not usually seen in cafés these days.

Whilst the artistic flair associated with most modern cafés isn’t as central at the High Bridge Café, the home made feel more than makes up for it.


The building’s unique, three storey design makes for some interesting seating arrangements. With plenty of window seats, offering a great view of the Brayford canal or High Street for those who like to people watch.

The building’s old world interior, accented by the warm and inviting lighting makes for an amazingly cosy and warm feeling drinking experience. Which, when coupled with the home made cakes and scones really makes you feel like you’ve been invited into someone’s home.

It is really easy to appreciate the care and attention to detail put into every drop of coffee and every crumb of cake here at the High Bridge café.


From visiting the High Bridge Café, it’s easy to see why it’s survived the test of time and remained one of Lincoln’s go-to destinations for locals and visitors alike.

Its unique atmosphere is unlike that of any other independent, or chain café around and it really makes you stop and appreciate the history of the building you’re enjoying your coffee in.

It’s a humble, historic building where every nook and cranny could tell a fantastic story. It’s excellent food and coffee only serves to further add to the already long list of reasons as to why this café should be on your must-visit list.

It was a great experience, one that I can’t imagine will have much competition for quite some time.