Shoreditch Grind


By Sam Webster

Shoreditch is fast becoming the go-to destination for the trendy urban youth in London. With its pop-up boutiques, graffiti art by the likes of Banksy and independent artisan coffee shops, it’s any hipster’s idea of heaven.

One of Shoreditch’s premier coffee shops is the Shoreditch Grind. Shoreditch is the second of several Grind branded cafés in London, with a handful of cafés located in the most popular areas of London.

The café may be part of a chain (albeit a small one) but each branch is unique in its style, atmosphere and menu offerings. Shoreditch Grind is located in the heart of the bustling centre of London. Practically a few steps away from the famous Old Street (Roundabout) Underground Station. Yet, when you step inside Shoreditch Grind, you’ll forget that you’re in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities.


Whilst the café itself is always alive with voices and music, it’s incredibly easy to become lost in your own little world as you sit and relax with a delicious hand-crafted coffee.

The menu is diverse, yet, familiar with some of its offerings. You wont be left without anything to choose from here. There’s of course, the classic flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos, but there’s always a few options for those who perhaps want to have a new experience and take the opportunity to expand their coffee appreciation.

With Shoreditch, being the ‘hipster’ neighbourhood (as its known in the trendy London circles) you can be sure that the artistic side to coffee is more than represented by all of the coffee that they make.

I (as always) ordered a soya flat white and for those who have ever tried to make a soya flat white look good, will know it isn’t easy. However, I was surprised to find that not only did the drink taste amazingly creamy and rich, but the latte art itself was just as impressive as the taste.


Shoreditch Grind is a great place to grab a coffee and a quick lunch in the day, where you can have a chat and enjoy the hustle and bustle of London from the comfort of your comfy window seat as you savour your coffee. However, at night, the whole aesthetic of Grind changes into that of a modern independent London bar, where you can relax and enjoy a drink (which also includes coffee cocktails) whilst listening to live music, comedy or other amazing local talent entertainment.


If you’re looking for more from a coffee shop, then look no further. With the transformation of Grind from a café to a bar overnight, you will never run out of new experiences and entertainment here.

Enjoy a coffee here before work in the morning and then head back for a cocktail in the evening before you enjoy a show or band in one of the many venues across Shoreditch or London.

The Grind is an embodiment of London, its quirky, vogue and bizarre (for those who’re more familiar with the likes of Costa and Starbucks) but once you allow yourself to be immersed in the colourful culture of this amazing city and all that it has to offer you’ll realise just what you’ve been missing.