Rising Café

By Eddie Keller

Nestled away next to a sleepy church just a couple of minutes off Lincoln High Street, Rising Café paints an unassuming figure upon first glance but looks of course can be incredibly deceiving.

Danni: “I opted for the mocha when visiting rising café and I have to say it was delicious. It came in a tall glass mug and was very creamy, chocolaty with just the right amount of coffee to create the perfect combination.”

The entrance to the café. Photo credit: Emily Braybrooke

Upon entering the café through a fittingly cramped doorway, the café suddenly opens up to you and blossoms into a wonderful wide open space, much like walking into Dr Who’s Tardis. Draped in 1940s décor, brimming with creativity and bursting with character, the café really takes you aback upon entering.

Emily: “As soon as the waitress brought over my coffee in its rustic looking, mismatched mug and saucer, I was sold. As for the drink itself, the flat white was smooth although not quite as strong as I usually like, but that’s all down to personal preference. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Rising Café.”

The inside. Photo credit: Emily Braybrooke

There is a treat for your eyes no matter where they wander, with the 1940s décor dominating the cafés welcoming space, all adding to the cafes unique atmosphere. Old typewriters, American style number plates, old photographs, café props along with an old jazz fuelled soundtrack, you could be forgiven for believing you were in an old coffee shop in 1940s Manhattan.

The Coffee itself is of a very high standard. Aesthetically it perhaps is not finished off with as much flair as other independent cafés, but it certainly makes up for that in the richness of the taste and quality of the blend.

Beth: “I really enjoyed my visit to the Rising Café; it had a great atmosphere and they served decaf too! I went for a decaf cappuccino and it was really tasty. I love the story behind the café and I can’t wait to go there again.” 

Cappuccino and a flat white. Photo credit: Emily Braybrooke

The food includes a vast array of hot and cold options. Including a variety of different cakes to choose from, American style hot dogs, soups and a Mediterranean style platter which includes a delicious choice of grilled halloumi, baked feta, stuffed peppers and warm olive bread all perfect for a light lunchtime treat.

A selection of food on offer at the café. Photo credit: Emily Braybrooke

But perhaps the biggest, most wonderful and unique aspect of the café is the fact that it is run entirely by men and women who were previously homeless or substance-addicted, providing them with a warm and stable stepping stone to lift them into bigger and greater things. All money proceeds go towards their staffs’ recovery and to Betel UK, a Christian charity which offers free help to those with drug or alcohol addictions.