Oh So’s

By Edward Keller

Situated in the heart of the charming town of Horndean, sticking out like a bright pink sore thumb lies Oh So’s, a recently built family run café.

Approaching the entrance to the café, it looks incredibly inviting and vibrant. The wispy white writing on top of the windows and bright dolly pink colouring of the building standing out amongst the shops around, almost yelling at you to come inside to sample what they have to offer.

Oh So’s vibrant pink exterior

Although the interior may not have quite the same vibrancy which admittedly was a shame, it still has a certain charm to it. A plus point to the café being very new is that everything felt very clean and fresh but the downside of that means it also lacks a tiny bit of character.

You could hear laughter/ see smiles from the staff the café which all in all makes you feel instantly relaxed, welcomed and certainly makes up for the slightly empty interior. The tables all had pink and white flowers decorating them, complimenting the colours of the outside of the café wonderfully.

Rather pleasant inside. Not quite as flashy as outside.

The striking and unique exterior of the building led me to want to purchase a slightly different drink than my usual brew and decided to go for a mocha. As it was brought my table by a very friendly member of staff the mocha looked incredibly creamy and smooth and tasted just as it looked.

A slight criticism, however, would be that, much like the interior of the café, the drink was not presented as well as it could be. Though it appeared tasty and tidy there did not look to be much character or flair to the way it looked and feel they could incorporate some art on top of their beverages.

Mocha served with a ginger biscuit.

Visiting Oh So’s was overall a rather pleasant experience and is a very pleasant café to come visit. The menus were varied, the drinks were tasty, the staff welcoming and had a very fresh and new feel to it.

However, the café could do with being slightly less clinical and the craftsmanship of the beverages could do with the same kind of treatment. The café is very new though and I am confident the shop’s character will build as the years roll by, definitely a recommended café.