By Eddie Keller

What is it about Hampshire-based coffee shops and pink decor? Much like Oh So’s, Heidi’s exterior is vibrant and inviting upon approach, with its candy pink/red colour palette sticking out like a sore thumb around the haggard old shops that lie around Petersfield town square.

Heidi’s colourful exterior

The tag line on the shop’s title reads ‘Made With Love’ which is immediately apparent as you enter the cafe. As you come in, your nostrils are filled with the smell of the wonderful cakes, pastries and sandwiches, all finished off with finesse and alluringly lay in front of you in a wonderful display.

Heidi’s boasts a wonderful choice of food

The staff were all dressed in very smart attire and welcomed me as I browsed the drinks menu deciding what to have. The drink I eventually opted to go for was a Café Latte, a beverage in which I have never tried before. I was kindly ushered to my seat and I sat in eager anticipation to sample my drink.

As it swiftly arrived, it was presented on a small plate placed a dainty napkin in a tall glass mug. As for the taste, it felt soft and more milky/weaker than the coffee-based beverages that I am usually used to, which I had come to expect to see as Café Latte literally translates to “Coffee with milk” in Italian.

Café Latte

I found it very pleasant and light to drink which was a refreshing change to a Cappuccino, which is what I usually go for.

One criticism I would have is that I would have liked it to be finished off with some coffee art or chocolate sprinkles on top to simply add to the presentation. As I finished up my drink and went up to pay, the gentleman who served me asked me if everything was okay, which was a wonderful touch.

Summing up, Heidi’s was a charming little café to visit. The vibrant and inviting exterior carrying through to the overall experience that can be had in the cafe.

The lighting was just right, the atmosphere pleasant and the Café Latte was lovely. Maybe a little bit of the ‘Made With Love’ tagline could be incorporated to the craft of their beverages. But overall, a wonderful little cafe and would definitely give it another visit.