Coffee with Art


By Sam Webster

If you were to ask someone what was mankind’s most enduring creation, many would say art. Art takes many forms, from great paintings, sculptures to symphonies.

However, few might not place coffee as an art form. Yet, this opinion is certainly challenged by the coffee produced at Bedford High Street’s Coffee with Art café . One of the arguably most important aspects of any coffee shop, restaurant or any food/drink establishment is the room’s aesthetic appearance.

Coffee with Art captures that quirky style, unique to independent café . The building’s most unique aspect is certainly its wall comprised entirely of old books, creating a sense of sophistication and an appreciation for the arts.


After appreciating your surroundings, one would have had only half the experience offered by Coffee with Art without sampling their brilliantly crafted coffees.

Truly, the most artesian of coffees, the flat white would be the appropriate reflection of the café’s combination of coffee and art. Instantly, the familiar, deep flavours of the coffee can be detected, complimented perfectly by the beautiful pattern produced in the drink’s textured milk.

Coffee with Art’s name is a perfect embodiment of the café’s accomplishments. The whole time you are enjoying your drink, you are surrounded by art: paintings, prints, sculptures and driftwood furniture.


The cosiness of the café is a staple of independent coffee shops, choosing to opt for the smaller, more intimate experience. However, there is always ample room and the unique furniture provides comfort without feeling as though you are sat in a faceless chain café.

Books, from Kafka to F. Scott-Fitzgerald are placed on every table to feed the customer’s thirst for culture whilst they satisfy their first for coffee. The café ‘s prices also allow for anyone to enjoy the coffee and the literature without sacrificing a large amount of money, as you might at a major brand cafe.


One potentially possible improvement for Coffee with Art could be an increase in the coffee’s variety. Whilst there exists an already varied menu, the addition of modern, popular coffees such as a Mocha Latte or Cortardo would only improve the success of the cafe.

In all, Coffee with Art is an exceptional cafe, perfect for consumers of great art and coffee alike. Its charming, unique aesthetic perfectly demonstrates its name, leaving no doubt in what any customer can expect when they step inside this unique coffee experience.