Coffee Aroma

By Sam Webster

This week we visited Coffee Aroma, an independent café on Lincoln’s Guildhall Street, whose motto is “Coffee is our passion, quality, our obsession”


You would be forgiven if you had never heard of Coffee Aroma, the quaint little café is located just off of the Lincoln high street on the bar dominated Guildhall Street, dwarfed by the larger shops and businesses around it. Yet, for what it lacks in physical presence it more than makes up for its personality and originality.

First opening in 2005, Aroma has combined a unique locale, a three storied Victorian era building, whose narrow corridors and steep stairs create a cosy place to sit and enjoy a coffee and conversation with friends.


Stepping inside, Aroma goes from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Its walls are covered in hand drawings, Polaroid photographs and other assorted decorations.

The smell of coffee is rich and inviting and all the furniture is bespoke making for a cosy place to sit and enjoy a coffee and conversation.

The café’s coffee machine is in plain view as soon as you enter, leaving no question to whether the coffee is made by hand. Seating is abundant and the staff are warm and inviting, offering personal tastes and suggestions to any who ask for it.


What stands out most of all for Coffee Aroma is the quality of their coffee, both visually and in terms of its rich and full taste.

The craftsmanship of the latte art makes it difficult to stir the drink, which would destroy the orchid, heart or swan pattern masterfully poured into every drink.

Drinks are served at a perfect temperature, just the right heat to be drank straight away, yet remain a good temperature over a good conversation’s worth of time.

It is places like Aroma which truly separate independent coffee shops from the high street corporations.