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Is four cups a day ok?

By Emily Braybrooke

Ever wondered if you’re drinking too much coffee? I certainly have had this thought before, usually around deadline time at uni when the bags under my eyes are pretty severe.

However, you may no longer need to fret as the NHS has recently published an article stating that four cups a day is actually a safe amount of coffee to consume. Hurrah!

The research conducted by the company ToxStrategies has found that drinking 400mg a day (the equivalent four cups) actually carries no health risks. It should be noted that the NHS recommend that pregnant women should not drink more than 200mg of coffee per day.

I for one am extremely pleased with the news as I no longer have to feel guilty for drinking as much coffee as my heart desires. (As long as it’s no more than four cups, obviously)

While I personally would not recommend consuming copious amounts of caffeine on a daily basis, as coffee lovers we all know that there are days when you need a constant supply to get through the daily grind.

So, on those days where you need your coffee through a drip, don’t feel too bad.

How much coffee do you drink in a day? Do you think 400mg is too much for one person? Let us know in the comments.


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