Behind the Beans

The countries that drink the most coffee

By Danielle Hoe

Even though the UK loves its coffee it may be a shock to some to hear that we don’t even enter the top 20 when it comes to countries that drink the most.

Some of the countries around the world are serious coffee drinkers and manage to get through tonnes of the stuff in order to award them the title of the world’s biggest coffee drinkers.

1. Finland

They make their way through an impressive 12kg per person per year according to stats from the International Coffee Organisation proving that they are the biggest lovers of the beloved bean.

2. Norway

Finland’s European neighbours are just as hungry for coffee as they come in second consuming 9.9kg per capita per year.

3. Iceland

Another Nordic country takes third place, posing the question how do they get through SO much coffee? Iceland grinds 9kg putting it just behind Norway in the table.

4. Denmark

Coffee in Denmark has long been associated with large quantities of filter coffee and it is said that every household in the country has a filter in their house. This helps them to get through 8.7kg per year.

5. Netherlands

Coffee is an essential cornerstone of their culture and it enables them to get through an impressive 8.4kg per year. From typical Dutch koiffe, moccalattefrappecino and iced Dutch coffee drank by the Japanese and Korean, the Netherlands has plenty to offer.

6. Sweden

Drinking coffee every day is a way of life for most Swedes with some claimed to drink 4 cups every day allowing them to get through 8.2kg every year. Perhaps the most famous to coffee to come from Sweden is the egg coffee, said to be the ‘smoothest coffee you will ever drink’.

7. Switzerland

The Swiss come in at seventh making their way through 7.9kg of coffee per year. They recently hit the news last year after opening a controversial coffee shop which offers oral sex while your drink your coffee.

8. Belgium 

Belgians have the tradition of serving you a sweet treat with your coffee. Along with your favourite coffee you also get a chocolatey treat on the side to enjoy. The Belgians drink their way through 6.8kg a year.

9. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a vibrant city filled with exciting attractions whose people love to drink coffee, making their way through 6.5kg a year.

10. Canada

Lastly, number 10 in the list is Canada, drinking 6.2kg per year and the opposite side of the country to most of the countries already mentioned. Canada’s most famous coffee chain, Tim Horton’s, is to open its first coffee shop in Glasgow next year. It’s famous for its tiny doughnut holes and great coffee.



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