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That McDonald’s advert

By Emily Braybrooke

You may have seen a certain new McDonald’s advert flying around in-between your evening TV show or before your YouTube videos.

It’s the one that basically makes a bit of a joke out of ‘hipster’ coffee shops.

The first time I watched the advert, I remember having a little laugh and thinking it was quite amusing, until the last line, “I just want a coffee.” Every view after that makes me more and more annoyed by the ad.

Photo Credit: GoToVan. Taken from Flickr.

The problem I have is that, while some people may ‘just want a coffee’ that doesn’t mean you can mock those who don’t, the people who are enthusiastic about their beverage.

Coffee has become a huge business, with coffee shops of all shapes and sizes popping up in every town centre or small village. As more and more appear, it is important nowadays that a café offers something different to the one down the road.

It is these differences that make cafés interesting and unique and keeps their business thriving so humouring these quirks is not something I am in favour of.

If you ‘just want a coffee’ I’m assuming you’re after an Americano or even a filter coffee which is absolutely fine, but in that case maybe take a visit to somewhere more basic? Or accept the fact that the beautifully unique and creative coffee shop you may have wandered into caters more towards the coffee enthusiasts of the world.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart. Photo taken from Flickr.

Yes, this advert may all be fun and games but McDonald’s is a giant in the world of food and drink. Is it really right for a billion dollar company like this to be taking a swipe at smaller, independent businesses?

This is only one barista’s opinion but maybe this mini rant has given you some food for thought.
View the advert in question on the video below. Video taken from McDonaldsUK on YouTube.



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