Behind the Beans

Costa leading the way in cup recycling

By Danielle Hoe

In a world of coffee lovers many people don’t stop to think about how their coffee cravings may actually affect the planet.

One high-street coffee chain has, however, taken this into their own hands and last year introduced its very own coffee cup recycling scheme.

In a bid to ensure cup recyclability stays centre stage in 2017, Costa officially launched its much anticipated nationwide cup recycling scheme – promising to recycle ‘any cup’.

Its main aim was to increase the number of takeaway cups recovered and recycled across the country with customers encouraged to partake in the scheme within stores. The scheme, available in over 2,000 Costa stores nationwide, aims to recover and guarantee the recycling of any paper takeaway cup – from Costa or any of its competitors.

By doing this the chain hopes to save 30 million coffee cups from going to landfill every year.

Photo credit: SimonQ. Taken from Flickr

Once a cup is deposited in a Costa store the cups are collected by Costa team members and stored in cup racks, back of house. The chain then works alongside its waste partner Veolia to transport them to specialist waste processing plants.

The scheme, which is the first of its kind amongst coffee shop retailers, follows a successful trial which took place across over 45 stores in London and Manchester, during 2016.

In addition to the launch, Costa now offers 25p off a handcrafted hot or cold drink when using a reusable cup at Costa or franchised owned store.

Costa is also going to introduce two new multipurpose reusable cups available to purchase in stores from next month.

The chain is also conducting its own independent research in conjunction with Sheffield University to investigate cup recyclability further.



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