Behind the Beans

5 Most amazing cafés from around the world

By Sam Webster

Cafés are often sorely associated with the high street brand establishments that seem to be almost omnipresent today. However, few realise that there are many cafés around the world which are as breathtaking as some of the worlds most famous historical buildings.

Occupying beautiful, contemporary buildings, offering live music and amazing coffee. These 5 cafés are some of the most incredible in the world, for their locations, coffee and their history, all of which come together to make them the most amazing cafés in the world.

5. Café Central – Vienna, Austria


Opened in 1876, occupying the ground floor of a former bank. Café Central has some of the most amazing mid-to-late Victorian, European era architecture ever to be converted into a café. If the walls could talk, they would have some truly incredible stories.

The coffee served within this beautiful building was a favourite of major figures including Leon Trotsky, Sigmund Freud, Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler. The building was closed at the end of WWII, remaining closed until 1975. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that it was fully restored to its former, contemporary style which has led to it being a major tourist and coffee lover mecca.

4. Waanders In De Broeren – Zwolle, The Netherlands



Based within a converted, 15th Century Gothic cathedral. Waanders In De Broeren is primarily a book shop. However, the amazing arched ceilings, crypts and stained glass windows proved too good of an opportunity to not open a café inside.

You can sit and read a best seller, bought from within the store, whilst sat in the light of the beautiful stained glass windows. The building is a must visit for any literature, coffee or history enthusiast. Whilst many would go straight to Amsterdam for their ‘Coffee’ experience. Zwolle proves that The Netherlands has options for the true coffee connoisseurs.

3. Caffè Florian – Venice, Italy


Holding the title of the oldest café in the world. Caffè Florian first opened in Venice in 1720, when coffee first arrived in Europe. Following on from the trend of history and coffee coming together to preserve one another, The Florian is like a time capsule.

The café was a favourite of many historical figures, from Casanova to Charles Dickens. Artists, poets, musicians and writers met and still meet here to discuss and demonstrate their latest works and passions. All this history and amazing coffee can be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in the world.

2. Caffè Torino – Torino, Italy


Initially opening as a restaurant, bar and café in 2000. The Caffè Torino has already risen to establish itself as a culinary and coffee artisan. Boasting awards for the best food and coffee in Italy, the Torino is a luxury, splendid destination for the world’s most dedicated coffee lovers.

The café, like many on this list utilises the brilliant architecture of a re purposed 19th Century building in Italy’s beautiful Torino valley, an area famous for its restaurants and cafés. Here you can admire both the coffee artistry whilst taking in the beauty and the history of the café itself.

1. Bar Topolski – London, United Kingdom

Bar Topolski.jpg

A less, far-afield option. The Bar Topolski, based down from the Waterloo underground station in London is one of the cities trendiest and most popular cafés. Serving coffee, alcohol, art and live music, Topolski is an amazing place to enjoy and experience some of life’s most integral pleasures.

The coffee here is said to be some of the best around, hand crafted by talented baristas whose latte art is as impressive as the many paintings, sculptures and prints that adorn and give life to the walls of the café itself. Whilst lacking the historical significance of the previous cafés on this list, the Topolksi brings a modern flair to the world of amazing coffee destinations.


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