Behind the Beans

6 great coffee gift ideas for Christmas

By Sam Webster

  1. Costa single cup set with Monin syrup and Costa biscuits – £10

Costa Gift Set.png

Costa coffee is currently the UK’s most popular high street coffee shop. With it’s vast arrays of coffees and smoothies, as well as its range of food and cakes, it’s easy to see why. Unsurprisingly, Costa are making their way out of the coffee shops and onto the shelves of mainstream high street stores. Exclusive to Debenhams is the Costa single cup set, the first of a series of Costa coffee sets containing an ever increasing variety of coffee related items.

The set contains a Costa brand coffee mug, identical to the one drinks would be served to you in store. As well as that, the set contains a 20cl bottle of Monin caramel syrup, to add a sweet twist to any cappuccino or latte you have. The cherry on the top of this cake is the two additional biscuits provided alongside everything else. For just £10, this is a great gift idea for any Costa or coffee fanatic.

Find it on the Debenhams site.

2. Starbucks coffee mug with coffee – £10


Of course, Costa’s biggest rival in the UK coffee market would have to have a Christmas offering of their own. Starbucks brings to the table their own coffee gift set series, with their mug and coffee bundle being the smallest of the set. Much like Nike and Adidas, or Apple or Samsung, everyone has their competition. For those who love the American Starbucks, this is a must buy. It contains a unique, Christmas themed Starbucks mug alongside two sachets of brand coffee.

Like the Costa option, this item is also exclusive to Debenhams. A partnership becoming ever more common between high street coffee shops and high street stores. An interesting gift idea with a good amount of longevity would be to purchase the new designed Starbucks mug ever year, resulting in an interesting an attractive festive coffee mug set after a few years.

Find it on the Debenhams site.

3. John Lewis cafetiere – £20


For those of you who still enjoy their coffee made the old fashioned way, there’s John Lewis’ own cafeitere. Cafetieres allow you to get that great, fresh roasted coffee taste you get from a café which you cannot get from a jar of granulated coffee. Whilst it is a bit more effort, the best things in life are never too easy. The John Lewis name also adds a good degree of confidence in the product and the high degree of quality comprised within it.

With some premium ground coffee, or coffee beans (if you have a coffee grinder) this cafetiere can impress any guest by serving them a rich, flavoursome coffee. Using a cafetiere is simplicity at its finest. Simply boil water and pour it into the cafetiere, add coffee and use the extractor to release the flavours whilst removing the grounds from the coffee to maintain the smooth taste.

Find it on the John Lewis site.

4. Whittard Fantasy flavoured coffee gift set – £20

Coffee Selection.png

Whittard’s are an internationally recognised premium coffee provider based it Chelsea London. This year, they’re offering a unique collection of festive flavoured coffee, with luxury flavours such as Amaretto, Caramel Chocolate and Irish Cream. The warmth and richness of the coffee, would be excellently complimented by the flavours infused within the coffees of this collection. Accompanied with cream, or textured milk, you have yourself a premium coffee you’d expect to pay £5+ for in a café.

Interestingly, Whittard have infused these delicious flavours into the coffee grounds themselves. Usually, these flavours can only be achieved through the addition of a syrup. Of course, if the flavour just isn’t enough for you, there’s always the potential to add more of the same flavour syrup. If you enjoy coffee, but are sick of the same coffee flavours you’ve always had, a selection of flavours like this are a great option for anyone wanting to expand their coffee horizons.

Find it on Whittard’s site.

5. Bialetti moka express hob espresso maker – £35


Espresso is certainly an acquired taste, however, once you’ve gotten over the initial bitterness, espresso can provide an invigorating and refreshing beverage at any time of day. The Bialetti brand is recognised for its high quality and use by coffee professionals from around the world, due to that very reason. The Bialetti moka allows you to use your hob at home to make professional standard espresso whenever you see fit.

Accompanied with a cafetiere, your kitchen will soon be churning out store – quality coffee before you know it. Use high quality beans and filtered water to achieve the smoothest drinking experience possible. But remember, espresso is always served with a glass of water in Italy and most coffee shops. Add a bit of cream or textured milk to cut through the bitterness if it’s ever too much to handle.

Find it on the John Lewis site.

6. Bialetti Venus induction stove-top coffee maker – £38

Induction Hob Coffee Maker.png

Carrying on from the theme of converting your kitchen into a professional quality coffee shop, is the Bialetti Venus coffee maker. This device allows you to grind fresh beans into delicious ground coffee that can be used to make any type of coffee from cappuccino, latte or espresso. This grinder’s ability to be used on a induction hob, brings the grinder, usually reserved for large cafés into your kitchen for use whenever you want it.

Prices correct at time of publication.
Stock available at time of publication.


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