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Perks of being a barista

As far as part time jobs go, working in a coffee shop has to be one of the best.

There’s no chance of night work, like in a bar and you can forget repetitive retail work where you’re constantly clearing clothes or scanning barcodes.

If you’re a bit of a coffee enthusiast, what better way is there to earn money than making drinks and chatting to locals?

Photo credit: Jon Lin Photography Taken from Flickr

Below I’ve chosen my top five barista best bits.

  1. Free coffee. Yes, I went there. This is an obvious perk of the job as are any freebies.
  2. This one ties in with the above.
    With every coffee you make, whether it be for you or for a customer, it is another chance to practice milk steaming, pouring and latte art in general.
  3. Some people may not see the variety in barista work but there’s more that goes on than just making a few coffees.
    For a start every drink is different and requires different skills. You also have the food to prep, and all the behind the scenes work too. Meeting different people all day mixes the shift up too.
  4. Coffee shops are where people go to relax and often catch up with friends and this gives a great atmosphere to work in. You get to witness what is often someone’s highlight of his or her day which makes work that bit better.
  5. Hearing about the customer’s day can sometimes be a bit of a bore but usually having a chat with the locals or meeting someone new is the highlight of work.
    Every so often someone will walk in who has an incredible story to tell and you can even learn from the customers as you serve them their beverage of choice.


To me this sounds like a pretty great job.

Have I persuaded you to try barista work?


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