Coffee Recipes

Great Christmas coffee combos

By Danielle Hoe

Christmas is a magical time and with less than four weeks to go until the big day there’s no better way to get into the spirit of the season than getting festive with your coffee.

There are always those classic combinations in your coffee that make you think of Christmas and here are just a few ideas for you to try to sprinkle some Christmas joy into your day.

Photo by lemon168. Taken from Flickr

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is extremely aromatic and really helps to warm you up on a cold winters day. It is a very popular spice and is often used to flavour cereals, desserts, tea, bread and fruit. It is also a great combination with coffee. The big chain brands such as Starbucks and Costa have already publicised the wonder that is a cinnamon latte and it is a clear Christmas classic flavour.



Photo by Sandy. Taken from Flickr

2. Gingerbread

As well as being a classic Christmas dessert, gingerbread always make people think of the festive season. If you love it as a biscuit then there’s no doubt that you will love it it mixed into your coffee and will help to give a festive twist to your usual coffee order. It is extremely versatile and can be used in all manner of baking and drinks throughout winter. To make gingerbread jumpers, trees and the classic gingerbread men there’s always something to be made with it and it also goes great with coffee. A gingerbread latte is a great way to get one of your favourite foods in liquid form.


Photo by Lara604. Taken from Flickr

3. Dark Cherry

A somewhat less associated Christmas flavour, but it definitely reminds you of winter. Mix that flavour in with coffee and chocolate and you’ve got yourself a dark cherry mocha that will truly bring out the wintery season in you. Top your drink with some whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles and you’ve got the ultimate winter hot beverage.



Photo by Arlen Tees. Taken from Flickr

4. EggNog

It’s true that this is a relatively unheard of drink until Christmas comes around but it is a dream with coffee. Its a creamy, milk based drink that is a smooth and delicious combination with coffee. It works wonders in a latte or cappuccino and is a true Christmas drink.




Photo by Sebastian Mary. Taken from Flickr

5. Toasted Marshmallow

A really comforting Christmassy flavour. When you drink it it makes you think of sitting around a roaring fire with your family and watching a Christmas film. Mixed into a hot chocolate or a mocha it gives a sweet twang and is an indulgent Christmas treat.



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