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Classic tiramisu

By Danielle Hoe

This classic Italian dessert is a delicious creamy combo that is perfect for any after dinner treat.

It subtly incorporates coffee and is incredibly simple to make so is perfect if you are a bit of a baking newbie.

Serves 10

Preparation time- 15 minutes

The finished Tiramisu with the sponge fingers visible at the bottom


  • 500ml double cream
  • 250g marscarpone
  • 5 tbsp of caster sugar
  • 75ml Marsala
  • 300ml instant espresso coffee
  • 50g dark chocolate
  • Pack of sponge fingers


1. First of all place your cream, marscarpone, Marsala and sugar into a bowl and whisk until it’s the consistency of thickly whipped cream.

2.  In a shallow dish pour in your coffee then place one sponge finger in at a time and turn to make sure the coffee is soaked in, but the sponge not soggy.

3. Place each sponge finger at the bottom of your serving dish until you’ve used around half.

4. Add a layer of cream on top then using a coarse side of a grater, grate half of the dark chocolate over the cream.

5. Repeat the process until you finish with a layer of cream and dust generously with dark chocolate.

A similar recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website.


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