Behind the Beans

6 things you need if you love coffee

By Beth White

If you’re a coffee lover then these products are for you.

1) This Contigo travel mug that will keep its contents safe.


A good travel mug is an essential. This Contigo one will keep your coffee hot for up to five hours. It won’t spill or leak, so if you’re in a rush and you accidentally knock it over, you won’t be left with a mess to clean up! The Autoseal feature means that you press the button to drink but when you let go it will seal.

To buy: £19.99, Amazon.

2) The VonShef cafetiere that is perfect for brewing your coffee.


This cafetiere is made from tough, heat resistant glass and has a copper finish which looks great. The 1L capacity means that you will be able to make up to 8 cups of coffee or fill 4 mugs. It can also be put in the dishwasher – bonus!

To buy: £14.99, Tesco Direct.

3) This Ozeri milk frother for making fantastic milk foam.


If you’re looking for something that will help make the perfect foam for your coffee, then look no more. Not only does it come with two milk frothing whisks it also has a cocktail mixer and an egg beater  which makes it a great multifunctional product. Your cappuccino will be Instagram-ready in no time.

To buy: £12.95, Amazon.

4) A Floating Mug that is a coaster and mug combined.


Everybody needs a favourite mug. If you haven’t got one or you’re searching for something different, why not take a look at this suggestion? The porcelain mug has a coaster attached to the bottom of the handle meaning any drips will land in the coaster and not on your side! Plus it looks pretty stylish too.

To buy: £19.99, Amazon.

5) This mini set of Monin syrups to get creative with your coffee.


This set is a fantastic way to play around with your coffee and try new flavours. The favoured choice of Costa, these five mini bottles will give you a taste of the brand at home. The flavours included in the set are caramel, hazelnut, gingerbread, chocolate cookie and vanilla. Monin syrups are also available to buy in larger sizes, so if you find a flavour you like you can buy them individually.

To buy: £8.43, Amazon.

6) A Tassimo Vivy machine for hot drinks at the touch of a button.


A hot drinks maker will give you perfect hot drinks in hardly any time at all. The Tassimo machine uses T DISCs which have a barcode on them telling the machine exactly how your drink should be made. Once you have inserted one of the discs, just press the button and wait for it to work its magic! The great thing about the Tassimo Vivy is that it doesn’t just make coffee, it makes hot chocolate and tea too. Brands such as Kenco and Costa have their own range of T DISCs to be used in the machine.

To buy: £32.99, Currys.

Prices correct at time of publication. 


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