200 Degrees

By Emily Braybrooke

In a decent sized city like Nottingham, there are lots of cafés to choose from for a quick caffeine break from a busy day of shopping.

Found just off Nottingham’s Market Square, 200 Degrees is the kind of place where no matter the weather outside, you can’t help but feel cosy and warm.

As a Nottingham local, I am a regular visitor to 200 Degrees and even when the rest of the city is fairly quiet, this cafe is always buzzing.

Walking through the door, I am greeted by an array of colourful sandwiches, a pretty fine selection of cakes all screaming, “eat me” and a bunch of relaxed, friendly looking baristas.

Smooth yet rich coffee hits my lips, accompanied by the sweet chocolate powder that decorates the well poured tulip pattern atop the cappuccino that I have chosen.

The delicious food and even better coffee is matched by the atmosphere here. Glancing round, everyone looks comfortable and cosy, at ease. The staff too genuinely appear to be friendly people, rather then forcing a fake customer service smile for their lips.

While there seems to be a varied age range in 200 Degrees, it could definitely be described as having a rather ‘hip vibe’. The dark wood, fluorescent flame shaped light in the fire place and the artsy looking students that are nestled in corners makes it feel cool.

If you happen to be in Nottingham, I would highly recommend giving 200 Degrees a visit. You won’t be disappointed.